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Our focus is on the BIG DOG here... And their humans.

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Massive Mastiffs Merch!!

For Big Dog parents who ❤ their Big Dogs!!
Original Creations made just for Massive Mastiffs!! Enjoy!!

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A store that serves the needs of a MASSIVE MASTIFF like me!!
(yeah, and other BIG DOGS too!!)


massive mastiffs

much ado about the big dog

Massive Mastiffs was launched in 2017
as an online shop dedicated to selling big dog products and accessories.

The store was started when the original owner discovered that most pet stores, whether brick & mortar or online, did not have nor stocked dog products that specifically cater to the Big Dog. Knowing that other Big Dog owners like himself were ignored, it made sense to make a way to accommodate the needs of the Big Dog that their humans appreciate.

In the same consideration as "Big & Tall" stores' have impacted the menswear market, there has been a great desire to have a special place for the Big Dog, and the humans that love them.

That place is called Massive Mastiffs - The Big Dog Store.

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big dog merch!!

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jute classic bite pillow

Perfect starter bite pillow for Puppy Big Dogs!!
This bite pillow helps transition from tug training into sleeve training.

bite training!!

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viper products

We, at Massive Mastiffs are proud to be working with Dogline and Viper to bring higher quality Big Dog products to our customers.
Shipped from the USA!!

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Biothane collars & leads

Check out our Biothane Leads & high-quality Collars! Durable waterproof Coating!! Flexible construction that creates long-lasting strength for your Big Dog!!

not your mother's French linen

The French Linen Tugs & Bite Pillows SELL OUT SUPER FAST and these products SHIPS FROM THE USA!!

find out why
fur shedding doesn't have to be hard

We can't keep it stocked, it's just that good. This vacuum attachment is a dream come true.