Items that Ship from China PLEASE READ BEFORE ORDERING

Items in our store that are marked in the product description "SHIPS FROM CHINA" take 2 weeks or more to arrive to the consumer due to delays in customs. 

Please keep this in mind when ordering as Massive Mastiffs The Big Dog Store cannot control the shipping time of theses specific items because of customs delays. 

If the consumer proceeds with ordering our items that "SHIPS FROM CHINA", the consumer agrees to the shipping delay without dispute.

Any "SHIPS FROM CHINA" ordered item(s) arrive to the consumer via USPS 1st Class ONLY, as any other advanced shipping (2nd day, Express, etc.) for these items will not be available.

CONSUMER: At this point of the checkout, please feel free to choose from many of our store items that SHIP FROM THE USA for faster shipping times.

Massive Mastiffs Team